02 Oct Where is the instruction manual for relationships?


1391910704_e4ca29e16e_b_instructions-on-labelsInstruction manuals are useful things.

Attached to my brand new clothes are a big handful of large labels.

They outline for me, in pretty exact terms, how I should care for my new gear.

Makes me stop and think about how all sorts of consumer products come with instruction manuals.

They help us get the best from the products we’ve bought, and also to guide us through a process of troubleshooting if things go wrong.

Yet caring for a piece of clothing is one thing…

What about when it’s our own lives that need caring for, or aren’t operating as they best should?

Where’s the instruction manual for that?

Two of the most important personal journeys of our lives are that of managing our own emotional health, and of connecting to, and partnering with, another.

Yet most of us do these without access to the crucial information that’s required to keep things working and, even better, to help us thrive.

Have you noticed that a ridiculous number of people these days are feeling depressed and stressed?

And that an equally ridiculous number of once “loved-up” couples are failing to make their marriages and relationships work?

I see everyday how these emotional and relationship breakages cause havoc and heartache.

I also see how a lack of practical, sensible information is largely to blame.

I’ve been doing my bit to address this in my work with individuals and couples for over two decades.

Now, I’m ready to do more!

Watch this space.

Things are going to get a lot more informative here over the coming few months.

I’m super excited to be preparing some life-changing, relationship saving, “happy-ever-after” building information that I’ll be sending your way.

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