01 Nov Managing strong emotions in relationships with abdominal breathing


Relationships evoke strong emotions: the good and the bad.4728478185_d166c6eb44_angry-person

Here’s a simple strategy for self-soothing when your relationship is causing stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, or any other strong emotional reaction.

It won’t take the emotion away, but it will allow you to acknowledge it and respond to it in healthier ways.

Use it before you react. It’s a take anywhere strategy and it’s free.

Begin by sitting comfortably with your hands rested on your lower abdomen

Allow yourself to “check in” with your normal breathing. Observe its pace, depth, and the way your body feels as your chest rises and falls

Inhale into your lower lungs – your abdomen will expand and your hands will rise

Continue inhaling and now focus on filling your upper lungs – your chest and shoulders will rise

Exhale from your lower lungs first – your abdomen will relax and fall

Continue exhaling and now focus on emptying your upper lungs – your chest and shoulders will relax and fall

Once you become familiar with this breathing sequence, focus on inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your open mouth if that’s comfortable

Practice this breathing sequence 2-3 times at one sitting only, and repeat as many times as you like throughout each day

Also use abdominal breathing as a “front line” response to any immediate emotional distress, to pause and regroup before responding to challenging personal or relationship situations.

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