08 Jan Marriage tips for a relationship that lasts


I was recently asked for my top three marriage tips for a relationship that is happy, and that lasts.

“You mean I can only choose three?” was my response. There are so many tips I’ve learned from couples over the years… (and by this I mean what not to do, as well as what works).

Do you and your partner (married or not) want to be together (and still in love) when you’re old and grey?

Want to be together during the good and the bad times? In sickness and in health?

Here are three tips I’d give a couple wanting to create a marriage that’s happy (and stays that way). If you and your partner want your relationship to last the distance, check whether you’re on track so far:

 1. Your marriage comes first. Always.

Share a commitment to prioritise your marriage. This will be easy on the good days. And will not be so easy on the bad days.

If you want love that lasts, it doesn’t matter if you’re sick, cranky, furious, doubtful, scared, distracted, or whatever! Keep your relationship as priority # 1 everyday, regardless of what life throws your way.

2. Continue to grow and develop as individual people.

Make a commitment to fulfilling your own personal respective goals, dreams, and needs. Two well-developed, healthy, happy people are the essential foundation for a well-developed, healthy, happy partnership.

If you want love that lasts, be interested in each other. Support each other. And have your own life too.

3. Work on developing strong communication together.

This is about quality not quantity, so whether you’re a chatterbox or a person of few words is irrelevant. Share what’s on your mind, even when it’s difficult. A relationship with secrets is not a shared relationship.

If you want love that lasts, share your inner selves with each other to encourage deeper connection and lasting love to grow.

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