22 Jan Three reasons why marriages stay unhappy

Are you in an unhappy marriage or relationship? If so, what keeps it that way?

Here are three common experiences that I hear about from partners in unhappy marriages and relationships. Do any of these apply to you?

1. You believe you’re not worth anything better:

The relationships we choose say a lot about our own level of self worth and esteem. What you believe you deserve is likely to dictate what you’ll get.

What are your beliefs about how lovable you are, and what you deserve from love?

If you’ve settled for a marriage or relationship that’s unhappy, set your expectations higher. When you respect yourself more, your relationship will automatically change for the better.

2. You hold onto resentments and grudges:

Everyone feels let down or ripped off by their partner sometimes. But holding grudges keeps relationships stuck in blame and generates ongoing toxicity. If you’re holding grudges, it’s time to let them go.

What would your marriage be like without your resentments and grudges?

There’s no room for resentments and grudges in happy relationships. Forgive. Your relationship will thank you for it.

3. You focus on your partner’s faults, rather than your own:

It’s much easier to see other people’s faults than our own. Believing that your partner is to blame for everything that’s not right in your relationship is usually delusional. (Abusive relationships are the exception here: if you’re in one, talk to a trusted friend, family member, or health practitioner).

Whatever fault you’ve identified in your partner may actually be a fault that you can’t see so easily in yourself. What could you do differently that would make your relationship happier?

Two people create a marriage, so whether it’s happy or unhappy is always a shared responsibility. Focusing on being the best partner that you can be is a great way to help your relationship thrive.

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