12 Aug 7 Strategies For Reconnecting With Your Self

Life is a long journey. Everyone gets lost at various points along the way.

The problem with getting lost is that we don’t realise we are lost because we’ve gone numb.

We’re still living and loving but we’re doing it “asleep”, disconnected from our own innate wisdom and soul.

Then one day we realise we’re lost and we start trying to reconnect.

We start looking for that inner wisdom and soul that we’ve been missing.

It’s frustrating if we can’t find what we are looking for.

The following 7 strategies have made the process easier for many of my clients who have shared their journeys with me.

Maybe they will help you find yourself too.

1. Get rid of negative self-talk

Be kind. Be grateful. Be forgiving. To yourself! Regard yourself the same way you would regard someone else, someone who you dearly love and cherish.

2. Connect with nature
Get your hands into the soil, your feet into the ocean, your face into the sunshine. Take yourself outside and surround yourself with the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of Mother Nature at her biggest and best.

3. Listen to music
Create your own personal playlist then listen to songs that speak directly to your own soul by connecting you to positive memories and feelings from times when you’ve been most “awake”.

4. Get creative
Cook, draw, paint, write, weave, dance, sing. Whatever your thing, create something. Do it well or do it badly, but do it just for the joy of doing it.

5. Have some awesome bodywork
Hand over your body to a bodywork therapist skilled in generating positive energy through physical touch. Kahuna bodywork is perfect. Set an intention or prayer. Surrender. Breathe.

6. Speak with someone curious
Find someone who is skilled at active listening and who knows how to “hold a space” for you and who asks questions that encourage you to explore stuff that’s new.

7. Fast and cleanse
Take a break from your usual diet. Do a short juice fast. Eat only whole foods. Ditch alcohol and whatever other substances you’ve been relying on to get by. Then listen closely and bravely to whatever arises instead.

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still searching, find a naturopath who specialises in emotional health and a therapist who you like and trust. It makes sense to reach out for a little expert help sometimes.

Pamela Pannifex is the founder of Sunshine Holistic Counselling on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. She is a psychotherapist, relationship specialist, and naturopath who has been helping people find solutions to personal and relationship problems for over 20 years. Contact Pamela here.