03 Feb Not feeling 100%? This one’s for you

If you saw someone suffering and you had information that could really help, would you share?

Or would you keep quiet, figuring it’s none of your business until that person asks for your help?

This is the dilemma I’ve been pondering as I’ve considered writing this newsletter.

I know that many people, like me, haven’t been feeling 100% since covid and/or covid injections.

People are tired, unwell, suffering recurrences of past diseases, or being diagnosed with new ones.

The “long covid” diagnosis is becoming increasingly common, and last September I had the unfortunate experience of joining this cohort.

Here’s a snapshot of my personal story:

For two years now I haven’t felt my usual healthy self. I’ve had recurrent viral infections, fatigue, brain fog, and a sensation of constriction in my chest. Then, following a second bout with covid late last winter, I went down, hard.

I’ve consulted with a dizzying merry-go-round of health professionals (including numerous holistic health providers, GP’s, and “long covid” specialists), received numerous diagnoses, and purchased enough supplements and pharmaceutical meds to build an impressive city skyline in my pantry cupboard…

… but none of this helped.

Despite my background in naturopathic medicine, it took me a considerable amount of time to wade through the pieces of an ill-health puzzle that had me stumped,
but once I found the right treatment, my progress was swift, and the results phenomenally game changing.

I’m emerging older, wiser, very grateful for my return to health, and with
some hard-earned knowledge that I feel is simply too important not to share.

If you and your loved ones are at the top of your game
and feeling 100%, that’s fabulous, and this newsletter is not for you!

However, if you’re:

Struggling with fatigue or ill-health…

Puzzled by symptoms that aren’t improving despite the best efforts of your medical team…

Supporting loved ones through their own health challenges…

Simply wanting to optimise your own innate vitality and health naturally,

… then you may choose to read on. 

I want to share two discoveries that have made the world of difference for me, literally getting me up out of bed and gifting my “life” back to me.

Be warned: both treatments attract naysayers and critics, and neither are likely to be known nor understood by most mainstream medical professionals (not in my experience anyway).

My only advise is to do your own research and don’t disregard either of these protocols due to the potentially ignorant or misinformed opinions of some others. On both topics there is loads of positive “narrative” and legitimate science to look at, too!

After all, if there’s one thing that recent times have taught me, it’s to pause and think deeply before swallowing the “mainstream” party line… but that’s a topic for another day. Maybe.



Here is my first discovery which has captivated me and prompted a totally unexpected change in both my personal health and also my career/clinical direction:

ASEA Redox Cell Signaling

This product has been nothing short of life changing for me.

For me personally, within 48 hours of starting this curious “pool water” tasting liquid, I felt my energy returning and literally rose from the bedsheets, grateful to feel capable of taking the steps towards reclaiming my life.

Over subsequent weeks my health continued to improve in ways that far exceeded my expectations.

Redox signalling molecules are a relatively new discovery in medicine (Nobel prize awarded in1998), so anyone who studied medicine prior to this won’t have learned about the role these molecules play in cellular messaging and health.

In a nutshell, ASEA redox molecules optimise cellular communication, repair, detoxification and reproduction, by replenishing our innate supply of these molecules that naturally diminish with disease, pollutants, stress, and age.

Now it’s on my radar, I see this product as a foundational piece, regardless of ill health symptoms, for optimising the body’s own innate healing ability.

Interested to learn more? Here are a few links for you to explore:

Discover Redox

Presentation with Dr Lee Ostler for medical professionals

I’m so impressed I’m diving into deeper learning about this incredible technology so I can help anyone needing breakthroughs with any (literally any) health challenge, as well as those who simply cherish optimal health and want to enjoy it at any age.

As an ASEA Associate, I offer wholesale prices, however as ASEA uses a network distribution model, I also earn a small commission on purchases. I’m not at all interested in a hard sell, so please feel equally encouraged to either email me at info@sunshineholistic.com.au or find your own ASEA Associate (but please don’t buy on eBay or similar, because I’ve heard the quality may not be legit and the company doesn’t stand behind product bought outside its network of Associates).


And here’s my second discovery: a protocol that has been my key to regaining health after covid:

Peter McCullouch Base Spike Protein Detox Protocol

Unlike ASEA, which is an all round health optimiser for literally everyone, this protocol is for those who’ve had post covid (or post injection) complications, whether mild or severe.

Personally, none of the many pharma meds or supplements that I’d been prescribed for “long covid” gave me the breakthrough healing I needed. When I finally put the pieces of my own health struggle together and learned about this protocol, I knew it made sense for me.

Covid spike proteins enter the body following covid infection and/or injections. Many people detoxify these proteins without issue, but for others, spike proteins really create trouble, causing auto-immune disfunction, neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, tissue damage, and more. Even in relatively milder presentations (like how I suffered) the symptoms can be debilitating: in my case, fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, racing heart, migraine and more.

Peter McCullouch is a renowned authority on covid. His protocol promotes detoxification of these damaging proteins from the body. It is inexpensive, easy to purchase (no script required), and safe (Note: extra caution for patients with thyroid conditions and/or blood thinning susceptibility).

If you want to understand more about covid spike proteins and the Peter McCulloch base spike protein detox protocol, you may be interested in this interview, which is one of many interviews, publications, and presentations by this prolific and esteemed medical expert.

Another invaluable resource for any seeker of solutions to health issues following covid vaccination is the FLCCC Alliance – here is link to their Post Vaccine Treatment Protocol

Do not wait for your GP or our government or even your “long covid specialist” to help you with this. There are many reasons why this is unlikely to happen, and these are outside the scope of this blog.

When helping others with ill health, I now consider spike protein injury as a possible factor in ANY symptom or disease process, simply because spike proteins have the potential to enter any cell in the body, and cause damage to any tissue, organ, and body system. This expresses differently in different people, so the scope of consequences and symptoms can be diverse.

Announcement: I am NOT an expert on spike protein injury! Nor am I providing medical advice in this article.

Just sharing a heads up about what worked for me, and sharing just a snippet of the resources available online to offer a starting point for you to research further.

In conclusion, to reiterate what I wrote at the outset, both ASEA redox signalling technology AND Peter McCulloch’s spike protein detoxification protocol are controversial topics, and I offer them for your own research, in case what helped me can help you, too.

I wish you and your loved ones well, as we navigate the post covid world, doing our best to heal residual damage and to optimise our most precious commodity, our health.

My current focus is on my own continued recovery plus also supporting others with healing and health optimisation with ASEA Redox. If you would like to explore how this product may help you, please email me at info@sunshineholistic.com.au.

Now you’re on my website, have a browse through my other blogs if you’re interested in creating optimal relationship and personal health for you and your loved ones.

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