We all have relationships with others. And we also have a relationship with ourselves.

Relationships are the bedrock of everything.

Even if our career, home, or lifestyle is just how we want it, we can’t enjoy life if our relationships aren’t happy.

But where’s the manual for successful relationships? Are we just meant to know how to make them thrive?

Most of us spend more time learning a profession, sport, or even what to cook for dinner, than learning how relationships work.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling helps people fix relationship problems and create happy relationships, so you can get on with enjoying life.



I’ve spent three decades developing my approach, and I’m proud that Sunshine Holistic Counselling is truly unique. Here’s how:

I’m a master’s degree qualified Psychotherapist with specialist expertise in relationship and marriage counselling and individual therapy.

And, with a background as a fully qualified Naturopath, I understand that great relationships and great health go hand in hand.

That means we’ll do the couplesindividualfamily, or co-parents counselling that you’re needing, but also make sure you’re enjoying great health as we go. 

I’ve seen time and time again how the right knowledge empowers people to thrive.

Contact me here. Let’s get you enjoying your precious life and relationships.


Masters Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy

Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney (2014)

Graduate Diploma in Individual Psychotherapy and Relationship Therapy

Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney (1999)

Diploma in Counselling and Human Change

Relationship Development Centre, Sydney (1992)

Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy

Australasian College of Natural Therapies, Sydney (1992)


Additional training:

Trauma-Informed Fundamental Skills for Wellbeing: Grassroots Collective (2023)

Certificate In Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy (CPAT): Mind Medicine Institute (2022)

Sensory Processing Sensitivity (“Highly Sensitive Person”) registered therapist: HSPerson (2022)

International Summit On Psychedelic Therapies For Mental Illness: Mind Medicine Australia (2021)

Advanced Training in Supervision: Theory and Practice (2021)

Navigating Psychedelics – Clinicians and Therapists: Psychedelics Today (2020)

Multigenerational Trauma – Healing The Past To Heal The Present: Terry Real (2019)

Level 2 Relational Life Therapy (RLT) Training (2019)

Real Life Training Series: Relational Life Institute (2018/2019)

Mental Health Super Summit: October 2018

Mastering Your EFT Toolkit: Art Of Delivery (2018)

Men and Women In Love: Transforming Modern Couples Therapy (2018)

Relational Life Therapy: New Ways To Work With Last Chance Couples (2018)

Advanced Training In Evidence Based EFT (2017)

Level 1 Relational Life Therapy (RLT) Training (2017)

Anatomy of Couples Therapy: Esther Perel and Terry Real (2017)

EFT Trauma Training “Tapping Out of Trauma”: Suzanne Fageol and Craig Weiner (2017)

Relational Life Therapy: Live Couples Experiential (2017)

Metagenics International Congress of Natural Medicine: Human Microbiome (2017)

Brene Brown: Shame Shields – The Armour We Use To Protect Ourselves And Why It Doesn’t Serve Us (2017)

Imago Relationship Therapy (2016)

Metagenics International Congress of Natural Medicine: Functional Medicine Approach To Psychiatry (2016)

Metagenics Seminar: Methylation – Putting New Science into Clinical Context (2016)

Sex Life Therapy: Sex Therapy For The Non-Sex Therapist (2015)

Metagenics Seminar: Safe Prescribing Alongside Pharmaceuticals For Better Patient Outcomes (2015)

Relationship Institute Australasia: Understanding Evidence Based Couples Therapy (2014)


Professional Associations:

Clinical member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)

Member of the Australian Natural Therapist’s Association (ANTA)

and holds current Senior First Aid and Qld Government working with children “Blue Card”.

Hi, I’m Pamela.

Child of the mid 60’s. Divorced parents. Fractured family. And a big lonely journey while I was left to figure it all out alone. What hope was there?

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. There were plenty of times when lost sight of my own health and happiness.

But just when I’d been stumbling clueless through my early adult years, life blessed me with a few very special gifts:

One: exposure to the world of naturopathic health and healing…

… (quite a parallel universe for a girl raised on the western medical model of antibiotics and pharmaceutical meds).

Two: exposure to the world of marriage and relationship therapy…

… (a lightning bolt from the sky for a girl swimming in confusion about how relationships were supposed to work, and whether love that lasts was even possible).

Three: then just few years later… exposure to a love that was true and healthy…

… (a last minute blind date which launched a love story now well into its third decade and stronger with every passing year).

Talk about a lightning bolt from the sky.

What really gives me a shiver down my spine?

It’s been exposure to knowledge that’s made the biggest difference in how my life, health, and relationships have evolved.

Without exposure to knowledge I could not have created the healthy, happy, love filled life that I’m now living.

When I work with clients, I focus on equipping them with knowledge, because I’m living proof that it changes lives.

I also focus on sharing what I’ve learned (and who I am) personally, because without heart, knowledge is just facts.

Real change takes knowledge and heart.

When I’m not working?

I’m enjoying life with my hubby Andy: swimming, walking on divine beaches, evolving my own personal and spiritual growth, and enjoying the company of our two gorgeous adult sons and friends.

Just kicking back, watching the sun rise or the night fall and the stars shine.