15 Sep Great communication skills. In Australian politics?

Dear Malcom, Congratulations! Now, please let me ask a favour of you. It’s just a little thing I’m thinking. I’m thinking about when you’re at work. In that big room, the one with all those seats, where all you political people get together to discuss political things. It’s just a...

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04 Sep Marriage and relationship audit

Want a great marriage or relationship? Time for a marriage and relationship audit. Here's one way to check out how you're tracking: First, line up (in your mind, or better still, on paper) all the positive interactions that you and your partner have with each other on...

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03 Aug Depression and probiotics

New research about depression and probiotics reveals that sadness and depression aren’t just “in your head”. Anyone who has experienced real depression will know how futile (and frustrating) advice along the lines of “just pull yourself together” really is. It’s futile because it’s simply not possible:...

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