Not Sure Whether Marriage Therapy Is A Good Idea?

Knowing when to accept relationship challenges as normal consequences of relationship life, and when to sit up, take notice, and get help, isn't always easy. If you and your partner are not sure whether marriage therapy is a good idea, at least you can start by...

Great Marriage Therapy: What It Is… And Isn’t

If you’re like most couples, realising that your relationship isn’t feeling as good as it used to, is pretty easy. Not so easy is finding really effective professional help. Knowing what great marriage therapy is...

Relationship tips
Relationship Tips From a Marriage Therapist

I’m looking forward to working with a lot of couples this year. Some will be looking to make their already pretty good relationships even better. But many will be looking to rescue their pretty bad relationships and turn relationship unhappiness and discontent around....

Couple walking together
Marriage and relationships: working together for relationship success

  Marriage and relationships aren't always easy. Things get easier when partners work together to create relationship success. When we are unhappy in a relationship, we are normally pretty focussed on what our partner is doing wrong. People often tell me that if only their partner would stop...


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