Feeling Suffocated by Parenthood? How To Find Peace.

Feeling suffocated by parenthood? Changing this will be easier once you can let go of what was. New parents love their babies. Many of them however, hate the loss of freedom that being a parent brings....

7 Strategies For Reconnecting With Your Self

Life is a long journey. Everyone gets lost at various points along the way. The problem with getting lost is that we don’t realise we are lost because we’ve gone numb. We’re still living and loving but we’re doing it “asleep” from our own innate wisdom...

Failure, fear, and “learning to do it anyway”.

I’m the first to acknowledge that fear of failure has cost me dearly in my life so far. I’m getting better at “feeling the fear and doing it anyway”, but I know I could have achieved more great stuff in life had I not been...

Self-soothing strong emotions makes for relationship success

Behaving like an adult during normal day to day interactions is one thing: managing to do so during times of extreme stress is a completely different challenge. Strong emotional reactions are normal when relationships get tough. But this doesn’t mean they are always helpful. Knowing how...

4 Behaviours that Harm Marriages

Ready to understand the “do’s and don’ts” for healthy and rewarding relationships? At the forefront of evidence based research is the work by Dr. John Gottman and his team at The Gottman Institute in Seattle, who have been studying married couples for decades, with the aim...


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