Depression and probiotics

New research about depression and probiotics reveals that sadness and depression aren’t just “in your head”. Anyone who has experienced real depression will know how futile (and frustrating) advice along the lines of “just pull yourself together” really is. It’s futile because it’s simply not possible:...

Protein balls
Protein bliss balls recipe: the perfect healthy snack

Protein bliss balls: perfect for snacks, school lunches, hungry teenagers, and for those times when something yummy and chocolaty (but still super healthy) is required… I first learned this recipe from the very knowledgeable and lovely Leisa Wheeler at her Embracing Health Retreat in Byron Bay...

Relationships and alcohol
Relationships and alcohol

If you’re using alcohol to cope with difficult relationships, an amino acid called tyrosine may provide real solutions. Plenty of us enjoy a drink. But when does a bit of “self-medication” with our favourite beverage become problematic for our relationship health? Would we even know when we’ve...

emotional health
Emotional health: “true” versus “false” emotions

What's the difference between "true" and "false" emotions, and why does it matter for emotional health? Anyone seeking optimal mood and emotional health has much to gain from one of the fastest growing fields of science - neuroscience, the field that studies the workings and effects...

Good mood foods
Emotional health starts with nutrition

Emotional health starts with healthy nutrition. What are good mood foods, and what should we look for when making healthy food choices? [caption id="" align="alignright" width="401"] Photo by wonderyort [/caption] I was happily surprised to see a poster heralding “Good mood foods” at one particular outlet in...


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