Feeling Suffocated by Parenthood? How To Find Peace.

Feeling suffocated by parenthood? Changing this will be easier once you can let go of what was. New parents love their babies. Many of them however, hate the loss of freedom that being a parent brings....

Self-soothing strong emotions makes for relationship success

Behaving like an adult during normal day to day interactions is one thing: managing to do so during times of extreme stress is a completely different challenge. Strong emotional reactions are normal when relationships get tough. But this doesn’t mean they are always helpful. Knowing how...

Relationships and alcohol
Relationships and alcohol

If you’re using alcohol to cope with difficult relationships, an amino acid called tyrosine may provide real solutions. Plenty of us enjoy a drink. But when does a bit of “self-medication” with our favourite beverage become problematic for our relationship health? Would we even know when we’ve...


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