Not Your Fault When You Lose Your Cool? Think Again.

It’s the music that really drives me nuts. Jaunty and upbeat; it’s a loop of auditory torture that stops only for a recorded smiley sounding voice who keeps assuring me that my call is important and that someone will be attending to me shortly....

Too Reactive In Your Relationship? You Need A Better Boundary.

Are you super reactive to stuff your partner says about you?  Do you get triggered, even when you know what they’re saying isn’t true? If so, you’re wasting heaps of precious energy and creating heaps of unnecessary drama for yourself personally and also for your relationship....

Switch From Complaint To Request For a Happier Relationship

Ever been in a relationship with a complainer? Or perhaps you’re prone to a bit of complaining and whinging yourself when your relationship isn’t going right? All of us have days when we feel inconvenienced, annoyed, or even outright furious about something our partner is (or...

Is My Partner Too Controlling?

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship knows how easy it is to get into power-plays. Power (having it and/or not having it) is important when it comes to matters of the heart....


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