Switch From Complaint To Request For a Happier Relationship

Ever been in a relationship with a complainer? Or perhaps you’re prone to a bit of complaining and whinging yourself when your relationship isn’t going right? All of us have days when we feel inconvenienced, annoyed, or even outright furious about something our partner is (or...

Partners In Healthy Relationships Aren’t Defensive.

We humans are imperfect creatures, and we all make mistakes, so even in healthy relationships it’s inevitable that partners will disappoint each other at times. Whether it’s forgetting to buy the milk, or something far more serious, in all relationships, and even if only unintentionally,...

Relationship Change Starts With You

Ever tried to get your partner to change? How did you try? If you're like many of my clients, you essentially pointed your finger squarely at their face whilst generously offering up your expert advice....

Don’t Kick Your Relationship When It’s Down

Do you honour your relationship and keep it safe, even when you’re arguing? Or do you argue in a way that threatens your relationship security? That kicks it when it’s down?...

How To Be Angry… (AND Loving)… When You Argue

All couples argue. So we may as well learn how to do it well. Many of the couples I see in practice don’t know how to argue well. So it makes me wonder how the rest of you are doing it....

Relationship tips
Relationship Tips From a Marriage Therapist

I’m looking forward to working with a lot of couples this year. Some will be looking to make their already pretty good relationships even better. But many will be looking to rescue their pretty bad relationships and turn relationship unhappiness and discontent around....


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