Old married couple
Marriage tips for a relationship that lasts

"You mean I can only choose three?" That was my response when my young and recently engaged hairdresser asked me what three tips I’d give a couple wanting to create a marriage that’s happy (and stays that way). ...

4 Behaviours that Harm Marriages

Ready to understand the “do’s and don’ts” for healthy and rewarding relationships? At the forefront of evidence based research is the work by Dr. John Gottman and his team at The Gottman Institute in Seattle, who have been studying married couples for decades, with the aim...

Personal space in marriage and relationships

It’s one of the most common underlying issues that couples bring to therapy.   Not necessarily the presenting problem, but certainly an underlying and very powerful influence on how whatever is going on is being handled. And it’s a crucial dynamic of all relationships that couples must...

Managing strong emotions in relationships with abdominal breathing

  Relationships evoke strong emotions: the good and the bad. Here's a simple strategy for self-soothing when your relationship is causing stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, or any other strong emotional reaction. It won't take the emotion away, but it will allow you to acknowledge it and respond to...

Great communication takes talking, not texting

Are you communicating with your partner about important relationship issues via text messaging? I don’t mean things like whether you need to pick up milk, or whether you love each other to pieces and can’t wait to get home for a big cuddle. I mean the important...


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