Where is the instruction manual for relationships?

  Instruction manuals are useful things. Attached to my brand new clothes are a big handful of large labels. They outline for me, in pretty exact terms, how I should care for my new gear. Makes me stop and think about how all sorts of consumer products come with...

Making tough relationship decisions

Being stuck. We’ve all been there. Standing at a fork in the road. We’re facing two choices. And we have to choose one over the other. This is easy enough when the road is, well, literally, a path or track. We peer down one side as far as...

Great communication skills. In Australian politics?

Dear Malcom, Congratulations! Now, please let me ask a favour of you. It’s just a little thing I’m thinking. I’m thinking about when you’re at work. In that big room, the one with all those seats, where all you political people get together to discuss political things. It’s just a...

Marriage and relationship audit

Want a great marriage or relationship? Time for a marriage and relationship audit. Here's one way to check out how you're tracking: First, line up (in your mind, or better still, on paper) all the positive interactions that you and your partner have with each other on...

Communication skills for great relationships

Great communication skills are crucial for anyone wanting a great relationship. Relationships are complex and differences will arise. We need to know how to speak up, and we need the confidence to do it even when we may earn the displeasure of our loved ones. Great...

Communication skills
Conflict resolution for heathy relationships

Yay! Thankfully, in episode 5 of Channel 9's "Married at First Sight", we finally get to see a couple show how conflict resolution skills make for great relationships. After four episodes so far, we’ve now seen numerous examples of how couples destroy great communication when succumbing to...


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