Relationship success
Investing for Relationship Success

There’s a great little book by Gregory Scott Peck called “The Road Less Travelled”… some of you will already know, it’s one of my all time favourite books on personal and spiritual growth. In the opening chapter he writes something like this:...

5 Steps to Creating a Healthy Relationship Culture

One of the most frequent comments that I hear from couples in distress is “We’ve just grown apart”. And one of the most frequent questions they want answered is of course “Where did that connection go, and how do we get it back?”....

2 Minutes a Day To A Better Relationship

Want a better relationship? Or just want to make sure you keep a great one great? Here's an appreciation exercise that I'd like you to try. All it takes is about 2 minutes a day:...

Supporting your partner’s life dreams and purpose

We meet. We fall in love. Everything about him/her is wonderful. We hold hands and look at the stars and believe that together, we can be absolutely anything that we dream to be. We decide to walk the path of life together. Then, sooner or...

Old married couple
Marriage tips for a relationship that lasts

"You mean I can only choose three?" That was my response when my young and recently engaged hairdresser asked me what three tips I’d give a couple wanting to create a marriage that’s happy (and stays that way). ...


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