How To Repair After A Relationship Bad Patch

I spend a lot of time talking and writing about how to minimise relationship disharmony, and for good reason: I’ve seen that it takes not just love, but actual skill and expertise to keep a relationship on a really healthy and loved-up track....

Who Else Is Sick Of Being Nagged?

Imagine a day when from the moment you got up, someone followed you around telling you that everything you’re doing is wrong....

Who Else Is Sick Of Being A Nag?

Let’s play a game. Choose a behaviour that you can repeat numerous times every single day. Make sure it’s a behaviour that brings out the worst in you, really annoys and exhausts you, never feels good, and leaves you feeling bitter, resentful, and angry towards...

The #1 Most Critical Skill You Need For Relationship Success

You might be thinking it’s great communication, but it’s not. It’s not about your background, education, relatives, values or life experiences either. It’s not physical attraction. All these things matter, but not nearly as much as the most critical skill matters....


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