How to accept an apology

No one likes being hurt, but in healthy relationships and marriages it does and will happen occasionally. For partners who want to grow closer over the course of their marriage, knowing how to give and to accept an apology is really crucial....

Resentment has no place in happy relationships

Sometimes when couples come to therapy, one or both of them brings along a big backpack. I can tell it’s heavy, because they’re always drained from the effort of lugging it around. They often let out a private sigh as they put it down....

Supporting your partner’s life dreams and purpose

We meet. We fall in love. Everything about him/her is wonderful. We hold hands and look at the stars and believe that together, we can be absolutely anything that we dream to be. We decide to walk the path of life together. Then, sooner or...

When one partner plays “parent”

They say opposites attract, but in practice it’s not always rewarding for couples who have created a relationship dynamic that’s mismatched at some fundamental level....

unhappy couple
Three reasons why marriages stay unhappy

Are you in an unhappy marriage or relationship? If so, what keeps it that way? Here are three of the most common reasons for unhappy marriages and relationships that apply to my clients. Do they apply to you?...

Old married couple
Marriage tips for a relationship that lasts

"You mean I can only choose three?" That was my response when my young and recently engaged hairdresser asked me what three tips I’d give a couple wanting to create a marriage that’s happy (and stays that way). ...


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