Sometimes living in even the healthiest of families feels like one big dysfunctional mess.

This might be funny at the movies, but the reality is that nobody sails through the experience of raising happy and healthy teenagers without feeling, at times, that it’s not that funny at all.

Smart parents realise it’s often not the problems themselves, it’s what they do about their parenting challenges that determines how their relationships will evolve through these crucial years.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling specialises in equipping parents with the skills they need to create healthy relationships with their kids (including adult “kids”) that truly thrive.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling delivers results for parents who are

experiencing relationship challenges with their children

(whether young or adult children), including:

Cycles of unresolved conflict

Misunderstandings caused by ineffective communication

Blended or changing family dynamics

Problems with discipline and boundaries

Different values or priorities

Issues with friends and social networks

Manipulation, “game-playing” and conflict between siblings

Stress and strain on your adult relationship

Experiencing more stress than joy when the family is together


Understand unhealthy relationship dynamics and how to change them

Avoid misunderstandings by communicating with clarity

Honour your own emotional health with firm but loving boundaries

Resolve issues promptly with conflict resolution skills

Stop repeated cycles of conflict by identifying and changing stress triggers

Protect your own adult relationship from unhealthy family dynamics

Regain friendship and fun with your children by amplifying what already works

Sunshine Holistic Counselling has spent over almost three decades developing a unique approach to helping families. 

Through face-to-face therapy sessions, skills training, written resources and practical tips, parents solve all sorts of family challenges and build healthy relationships that continue to evolve long after the kids grow into their own adult lives.

You’ll all soon be relating in new, empowering, and much more “grown up” ways.

Contact Pamela and let’s get started.


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