Social butterfly? Quiet achiever? Force of nature? Neat freak? Exercise junkie? Home body?

Regardless of our differences, we share one very simple home truth.

From our very first breath until our very last, we travel life’s journey in the company of ourselves.

It’s the most important relationship of all.

Depressed feelings, negative self-talk, poor self confidence, stresses, worries, and emotional pain are not how things need to be.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling specialises in delivering the psychological insights, new skills, and heartfelt support you need to create positive and permanent change in your relationship with yourself, and in your relationships with others.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling has spent over two decades developing a unique approach to helping people solve personal challenges and create happy lives.

Through face-to-face therapy sessions, skills training, written resources, and practical tips, we equip people with the skills they need for life-changing results.

You’ll soon be thinking, feeling, and relating (to others and to yourself – the most important relationship of all) in new and empowering ways.

Contact Pamela and start creating your happier life.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling delivers results for people who are:

Depressed or feeling stuck in negativity

Stressed, overwhelmed, not coping

Obsessing, worrying or “overthinking”

Feeling irritable or short fused

Grieving for someone or something that’s been lost


Identify common “faulty” thinking patterns, and how to change them

Recognise your own stress triggers and how to respond effectively

Understand the link between thoughts, emotions, and behaviour

Identify and develop your unique values, core beliefs, and strengths



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