We simply can’t be truly healthy and happy if we’re not at our own personal physical and emotional best.

After almost three decades experience in both Naturopathy and Psychotherapy, I know that healthy lives and relationships start with healthy individuals: in mind and body.

Let’s get you feeling “vital”, by ensuring your own body has the tools it needs to heal itself – regardless of your existing health challenges.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling

delivers results for people feeling:

Unwell, exhausted, or “burnt out”

Still not 100% after recent viral infections or injections

Stressed, overwhelmed

Depressed, hopeless, or emotionally flat

Anxious, worried, shy, or avoiding social contact

Sensitive, defensive, “thin skinned”, or emotionally reactive

Confused by patterns or cycles of emotional ill health

Traumatised by recent or long past events

“Wired” but “tired”

Moody or irritable

Unable to get to sleep or stay asleep

Unrefreshed even at the start of each day

Reliant on food, alcohol, or drugs in order to cope with life demands

Sunshine Holistic Counselling has discovered a unique approach to helping people thrive in mind and body.

Contact Pamela, and let’s get your life and relationships… and your physical and emotional health sorted.