When we’re looking for a happier life, we could be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle if our physical health is left unexplored.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling knows that great relationship health, great emotional health, and great nutritional health go hand in hand.

Our impressive qualifications and twenty plus years experience in both Naturopathy and Psychotherapy is truly unique.

It makes sense to work with a therapist who also understands how to help you be at your physical best.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling delivers immediate results for people feeling:

Stressed, overwhelmed

Depressed, hopeless, or emotionally flat

Anxious, worried, shy, or avoiding social contact

Sensitive, defensive, “thin skinned”, or emotionally reactive

Traumatised by recent or long past events

“Wired” but “Tired”

Moody or irritable

Tired, unwell, exhausted or “burnt out”

Unable to get to sleep or stay asleep

Unrefreshed even at the start of each day

Reliant on food, alcohol, or drugs in order to cope with life demands

These days, Sunshine Holistic Counselling specialises in delivering exceptional relationship and individual counselling.

However, with over two decades of Naturopathic experience behind us, holistic health remains fundamental to our approach.

After all, who can be truly healthy and happy in their relationship if they’re not truly healthy and happy within themselves?

Sunshine Holistic Counselling has spent over two decades developing a unique approach to helping people thrive in mind and body. 

That means we’ll do the couples or co-parentsfamily, or individual counselling that you’re needing, whilst supporting your emotional and nutritional health as we go.

Where necessary, we also work closely with naturopaths and integrative doctors who specialise in neuro-nutrition for optimal emotional and nutritional health.

Contact Pamela, and let’s get your relationship and physical health sorted.


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