We all desire healthy and happy relationships. And we also want to feel healthy and happy within ourselves.

Achieving these things shouldn’t play out like it’s a lottery.

Creating great emotional and relationship health is not just about luck. It takes knowledge and skill, too.

Yet I’ve observed over almost three decades in clinical practice that accurate, practical, and effective information about exactly how to achieve lasting psychological and relationship health is pretty hard to find.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling will equip you with the essential knowledge and practical skills you need to create healthy relationships (with yourself… and with others), that thrive.


Immediate solutions for couples and co-parents, regardless of your unique goals.


Restore family harmony and prepare your teenager to become a young adult who truly thrives.


Heartfelt support and new knowledge, insights, and skills, for lasting personal growth and change.

“Sunshine Holistic Counselling”?

The word “holistic” is there in tribute to my other background in naturopathy and nutrition, which taught me (and continues to teach me) that great relationship health, great emotional health, and great nutritional health go hand in hand.

It’s the smartest way to get to the heart of things and create lasting positive relationship and personal change.

Sunshine Holistic Counselling specialises in couples counselling, family counselling for parents, and individual counselling. I also help separated or divorced couples become successful and collaborative co-parents who want to help their kids create lives that thrive.

Contact Pamela here, and let’s get started.